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From the moment you place a request with an
operator, we immediately begin connecting you with a
professional interpreter. Our interpreters
handle calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we’re always
here when you need us. When you contract with Alpha Omega
Translations, you can expect these from our telephone
interpretation services: Quality and Linguistic
Language proficiency may seem an obvious
qualification, but at Alpha Omega Translations, our standard
is native-speaking mastery in both English and the target
foreign language. This is an important quality and performance
distinction to ensure that interpreters have high-level
English skills necessary for accurate and efficient
interpretation. Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

  • መገለጫዎ ጋር ይገናኛሉ የሚሰጡዋቸውን ደህንነቱ በተጠበቀ Harbor የተረጋገጠ እና ቅድሚያ
    ኮሚሽን የሚሰጡዋቸውን
  • በቦታው መጠቀም አገልግሎቶች 24/7/365
  • አዳዲስ ግምገማዎች አሁን ሪፖርት ማድረግ እና ዝርዝር ጥሪ ትንታኔ
  •  ባለሙያ ተርጓሚዎች አሁን ኢንዱስትሪ-ተኮር expertise

Confidentiality We value your trust. Alpha
Omega Translations is committed to creating long-term
relationships with our clients, ensuring your security and
privacy is our top priority. For your
protection, every phone interpreter is bound by strict
confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and an enforced Code
of Ethics.

የምናገለግለው አገልግሎት ኢንዱስትሪ

We’ve got you covered no matter what industry you’re in.
Leveraging technological innovation and the highest caliber
telephone interpreters, Alpha Omega
Translations works with a diverse range of industries,

  • ህክምና እና ቅድሚያ; ይገናኛሉ
  • የፋይናንስ &ቅድሚያ; የባንክ
  • ኢንሹራንስ
  • የጥሪ ማዕከሎች
  • ሳያስከትል
  • የታዘዘ
  • ችርቻሮ &ቅድሚያ; የደንበኛ አገልግሎት
  • ጉዞ, ቱሪዝም &ቅድሚያ; ነፃ
  • Telecommunications &ቅድሚያ; የታዘዘ
  • ትምህርታዊ ያግዳል
  • መንግስት ኤጀንሲዎች
  • ሸንጎዎች &ቅድሚያ; ሕጋዊ ስርዓቶች
  • ግንባታ

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“አልፋ ኦሜጋ ትርጉሞች ጋር ይገናኛሉ አሁን አሁን አዳዲስ ግምገማዎች ድጋፍ
የሚሰጡዋቸውን የውጭ አገር ቋንቋ የስልክ ተርጓሚ. አዳዲስ ግምገማዎች ቅድሚያ የሚሰጡዋቸውን

– በጣም Betlinkski