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ስለ እኛ

ስለ አልፋ ኦሜጋ ትርጉሞች

in 1998, our mission is to help people and companies succeed in a
global environment. We combine proven technology with
experienced interpreters to allow seamless and accurate
communication. Over-the-Phone Interpretation services are a new
strategic directive in the corporate world to reduce the high
cost of on-site interpreting. Healthcare, insurance,
financial services, utilities, manufacturing, customer care
centers, and government services are some of the major users
of telephone interpreting. Leading corporations across the world
depend on our language solutions to get the cultural support
they need, while benefiting from the best customer service
possible. We are the voice of your customers and your customer
service representatives as we facilitate communication between
your customer and agent. We understand the effect quality
customer service has on multilingual markets that tend to be highly
brand loyal and brand advocates within their cultural
communities. Delivering a branded customer experience through
quality customer service is a key objective for
every interpretation call. From Arabic to Zulu, our
interpreters support more than 210 languages and dialects
and are just a toll-free number away from your organization
24/7, 365 days a year. Want to learn more? Contact us today!
Telephone Interpreting is just the start. If you need a
complete language solutions that incorporates telephone
interpreting, we can help.
Find out more about our
international services.
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