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Telephone Interpreter Service in 210 Languages

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Alpha Omega Translations provides On-Demand Phone Interpreting services for clients who need to communicate with non-English speakers around the world within seconds.

We give a human face to our business with cultural competence, linguistic expertise and state of the art technology. Thanks to new communication technology our telephone interpreters interpret call after call each day, minute by minute, to save lives, help individuals and businesses around the world communicate who otherwise could not.

Our multilingual solutions allow us to offer telephone interpreting in 210 languages to businesses and government agencies working in every industry.

How Does It Work?

  • No sign-up fees.
  •  On-Demand Phone Interpreting in Seconds.
  • Instant Interpreting wherever you are whenever you need it.
  • 24 hour service with professional interpreters.
  • Pay-As-You-Go billing.


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How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with our telephone interpreting service is easy!

1. Sign up today for free.

Register by completing the form on this page. We will then set up your account. You’ll soon receive an email with easy instructions and your customer code, which will identify you when placing calls.

2. Dial our dedicated toll-free number.

Follow the instructions in your email to call the operator for the first time. The operator will ask you for the language. If you don’t know the language, the operator will help you identify the language.

3. State your account code.

The operator accesses your account and connects you with the interpreter in less than 60 seconds.

4. Proceed with your conversation.

The operator can proceed to a third dial if you need to speak with a third party.

5. Billing begins with your connection with the interpreter.

You receive a detailed monthly, itemized bill.

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“Alpha Omega Translations has provided our organization with excellent support in foreign language telephone intepreting. We can confidently recommend Alpha Omega as a solide and reliable supplier of Telephone Interpreting.”

– Deborah D. Eddy, Eddy & Associates Attorneys at Law